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Hannah Rae Stewart

owner and founder

"Working with the disability population for the last several years has been my greatest blessing. Not only have I had the privilege of working with numerous organizations such as Elmview, The Arc, and The Special Olympics, I have also been a part of incredible volunteer organizations supporting disabilities. I have created lasting friendships and memories through it all! Over the years, I have gained a better understanding of the disparities and needs within the population. My professional and personal goal is to offer opportunities that encourage change within those needs and help build a more inclusive community. I believe we will reach that goal through advocacy, passion, good people, and Common Grounds Coffee Co."

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fun fact! 

about the logo

Have you ever wondered why our logo is an imperfect smiley face? Well, this smiley face is not like any other smiley face. It's the reason Common Grounds was created. Hannah Stewart, owner and founder, had the privilege working with a disability employment organization and fell in love with the work. She had the chance to meet new friends that taught her so much about disabilities and the disparities they face. The very first person she worked with who had a disability would draw her this smiley face everyday with kind words attached. It has inspired her and those around her ever since. It is a perfect representation of individuals with different abilities. We are all equal, just have different smiley faces! That's the beauty of it! Differences are what make us unique, strong, and very, very special.

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